Bio sauna + jacuzzi (60/120 min)

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The bio sauna is increasingly entering the world of saunas.

It is basically a classic Finnish sauna, with a wooden structure and a sauna heater, but the temperature in the Biosauna is lower, around 55-65°C, and on the contrary, the humidity in the sauna is higher, usually 40-70%, and the air is mainly scented scented oils, whether from sauna aromas, essential oils, from natural herbs or leafy branches near the heater (be very careful with these as there is a risk of fire). The air enriched in this way will provide a very healthy combination of pleasant heat and healing humidity, which is ideal for your skin and lungs.



  • Treat yourself to well-deserved relaxation tailored to your needs.
  • Bio sauna with or without aromatherapy will pleasantly relax your body.
  • The rotating jacuzzi jets gently massage and relax stiff muscles.
  • Length: 60/120 minutes.

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60 min., 120 min.


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